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Well, you know Canon as a renowned global brand that has been successful in catering to people’s digital needs. It is the manufacturer and provider of several digital imaging technologies that people use in their day-to-day lives. 

You should know that Canon has employed more than 180,000 people with its global market reach and manufacturing facilities throughout Japan, America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

However, this particular read will focus on ij setup for the range of Canon printers. It is considered to be the most significant step that leads up to using your printer and acquiring the highest level of print experience utility.

This read will walk you through a brief introduction to the printer variety the company offers followed by its traits, the system compatibility for using Canon printers via Canon com ijsetup, the pre-requisites of the setup procedure, and lastly the elaborated steps for the setup procedure.

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What exactly is

The world we live in has advanced over the years when it comes to technology- we have desktops, laptops, detachable laptops, headphones and earphones or printers that are both wired and wireless. ij setup is an online portal that has been exclusively designed to provide Canon printer users with a safe and reliable platform to download and acquire print drivers required to use their wireless printers.

The installation of these drivers is considered extremely significant for using your computers to send print jobs to the wireless Canon printers. Additionally, you’d also find precise Canon printer specifications as online manuals.

Key features for Canon Printers that helps them stand out

There’s a quote that reads- “A continuing flow of paper is sufficient to continue the flow of paper”. And we’d like to interpret that it refers to the continuation of utility you get from a smooth running printer.

Also, the print drivers have been assigned a very important job- to keep the printer going. And that’s exactly why you’d need to undergo the canon com ijsetup procedure. But, before we do it let’s look at a few printer traits that will encourage you to get the done quickly and get printing:

  • Premium class print resolution for all print results.
  • Gives you an easy print color choice with 2-ink tanks- Black and White.
  • Both Mono Print Speed and Color Print Speed are fast.
  • Borderless printing type defines the Speed for printing photos.
  • Borderless printing is set to default at the time of manufacture.
  • The printers even offer easy two-sided printing for efficiency.

The prerequisites for Canon com ijsetup

Every procedure you go through has some prior requirements. Likewise, this section of the read will give you a clear walkthrough of the ij setup process:

  • It is mandatory to have the correct model number for your Canon printer as you go on with the print driver download
  • You need to make sure that the system you use for the process has ample storage space for the print drivers to avoid issues further
  • Plug the printer properly into the power outlet for moving on with the process
  • You have to ensure that the internet connection you are on is active and has a good range for the printer to run smoothly
  • The network you use must have WPA or WPA2 security protocol so, ensure that

Learn the system compatibilities for Canon Printer Setup

System compatibility refers to the operating system requirements by all electronic devices and they are unique to each product variety.

This part of the read will help you learn about the system requirements of Canon Printers that support ij.start.cannon so, let’s take a look at the following:

  • Windows 10 and later versions
  • Mac OS X and later versions

Explicit steps to perform

So, we’ve reached the part of this informative read, where you’d learn about the steps to undergo the procedure for setting up your wireless Canon printer. Thus, this section here will guide you through the processes for both Windows and Mac devices:

Windows Devices
  1. Turn on your Canon printer and get it connected to the Wi-Fi network you’re currently using.
  2. Launch any web browser you prefer and visit the Canon com ijsetup page online.
  3. Go on with downloading the necessary print driver based on the printer model number and complete the installation.
  4. Press “Windows” (symbol) along with “R”, and wait for the “Run” box.
  5. In the box, type “control/name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters”.
  6. Go for the “Ok” tab and let the “Devices and Printers” folder come up.
  7. Hit on the “Add Printer” tab and move on with all the on-screen prompted instructions.
  8. Finish the setup process by hitting on the option reading “Ok” at the end of the instructions.
Mac Devices
  1. Begin by turning on your computer and your wireless printer.
  2. For accessing your wireless Canon printer online, get it linked with the Internet connection you have.
  3. Type or TS3122 in the address bar of a web browser and move forth to download the required print drivers.
  4. Now, direct yourself to the “Downloads” folder, tap on the driver files and get them installed.
  5. Tap on the Apple (symbol) and hit on “Systems and Preference”.
  6. Go for “Printers and Scanners” and add your printer with “+”.
  7. You’d be able to complete the setup as and when your printer is added


Canon has an undisturbed global reputation for manufacturing and offering the best digital imaging products equipped with the best-in-class technology in this digitally dominated world and its printers have been the best in driving a larger user base.

The read above will be walking you through what is designed for, the features of Canon printers that make them so efficient, the system requirements for the wireless printers, the pre-requisites and the process to set them up for use.