Canon Drivers Download- For all Canon Printer Models

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When we hear the word “Canon”, the first thing that would strike our minds is a Canon Printer. And, you are probably here because you might be interested to know a little more about a Canon Printer that you have just purchased.

Well, the printer models manufactured by Canon have never failed to amaze us. Be it printing a photograph, printing labels, or word documents, these world-class printers have got us covered.

With a Canon PIXMA or Canon InkJet Printer, taking out exceptional quality printouts seems to be possible.

But, wait! This is not the main reason why we have gathered here. We have something more important to discuss here in this article. Yes, we are definitely going to shift our focus towards Canon drivers download via ij.start.cannon.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get right into it. However, before that, why not have a look at some pre-requirements that need to be fulfilled before moving ahead. I hope you won’t mind taking a look at the segment below.

A sneak peek into the pre-requisites

For unremitting and smooth Canon Printer drivers downloads, assure yourself regarding the following things:

  • Unpacking the printer from its package and setting up it in a similar way as described in the manual is the primary thing you need to be ready with
  • If you haven’t done it already, link the printer to an uninterrupted and high-speed Wi-Fi connection
  • Another essential requirement for Canon drivers download is to assure that you have connected all the cords at their respective ports
  • And, yes, do not forget to plug in the power cord also
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Few more things you need to know beforehand

  • Another major aspect to consider here is to place both the computer as well as the printer in close proximity so as to go ahead with the procedure to download Canon printer driver
  • And to walk our way through the download procedure, access to a safe browser is another necessity
  • But, why do we need Canon Printer Drivers?

Necessity of having a printer driver

Simply put, every printer model or brand has its own specific drivers and these drivers have all the necessary settings and data to process our print commands. Therefore, downloading a printer driver, that too a compatible one, is actually very important. These drivers take care of all the print commands sent to it by the user. Alongside, the Canon drivers download makes sure that the printer is printing out the exact size, quality, and color you have asked it for. Yes, the drivers are responsible for doing all of this.

How do you download the Canon printer driver?

To conduct the whole procedure conveniently, recall all these instructions or perform the Canon printer drivers downloads side by side:


  1. Open your favorite internet browser which could be Edge, Chrome, or any other browser.
  2. Without any delay, type “” in the address bar.
  3. If you have a printer model other than Canon InkJet, just type “Canon Printer driver” and choose the relevant search result.
  4. The moment you press the “Enter” key or hit the “Go” arrow, the main page of Canon will pop up.
  5. On the landing page, select the “Set up” option at the right.
  6. Type your printer model type carefully and hit the “Go” option.
  7. Select the “Start >” option on the next window.
  8. You will now see instructions to prepare the printer.
  9. After preparing the printer in the way shown, click the “>” arrow
  10. On the final screen, select the “Download” link.

Now, you are left with no choice but to wait until the Canon drivers download shows signs of progress after which we’ll be showing you further instructions for TS3122.

What to do next?

It’s pretty obvious that it is time to install the drivers after working our way through Canon drivers download so as to complete the whole setup.

  1. We’ll be continuing by tapping on the “Run” option on the small pop-up window.
  2. Select your preferable “Language” and tap “Next”.
  3. Choose the network connection type- USB or wireless.
  4. Click “Next” and keep up with the upcoming prompts.

That’s all folks!

Now, you might be wondering how easy it is to download the Canon printer driver. Isn’t it?


This article has been focused to guide our users with working their way through the whole procedure that surely needs to undergo to begin using their new Canon Printers. It is pretty obvious that the whole procedure can be completed within a few minutes. However, it still requires a little patience to get the Canon drivers download completed.

Thus, if you have followed these guidelines carefully, I bet you won’t face any hurdles in setting up your Canon Printer for the very first time.