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Canon has been around us for a very long time now and has been very successful in creating a global reputation. That has only been because it provides the best-in-class imaging products, industrial products and optical products.

The product list for Canon compiles printers, scanners, cameras, lenses, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and so much more. It has been a few times that Canon was known as the best in the imaging solution industry among other brands.

Tons of reports and statistics show that Canon products have been a great market competitor and have been able to acquire a huge loyal user base across the globe. However, there is one of its products that is known to be one of the best- Canon Printers.

And we thought, why not take this opportunity to discuss these printers and the usage of ij.start.canon for a better print experience. You’ll be learning about the major traits of Canon printers, their required system compatibility, the launch process, and so much more.

What are some of the other products by Canon?

Although Canon printers have conquered the overseas market with great success, there are a few more products by Canon that you should know about for their elevated levels of efficiency- digital production printers, commercial printers, digital cameras, Surveillance cameras, cinematic imaging products, document and check scanners, and so much more.

When we look at the services that Canon provides, it would be wrong if we don’t talk about the basic changes, or advancements that the company has been making to keep their users loyal. In the year 2022, the brand is set to develop some excellent high-resolution full-frame mirrorless services inclusive of prints, or so it has been rumored. However, we believe that similar to every other technical brand Canon too, will employ changes and bring in the new age of enhanced digital experience.

Features entailed with Canon Printers

ij start canon

Having a huge variety of printers that Canon offers the world, tons of printer models come with different traits that separate them from each other along with some traits that have been noted to be the same in each one of them.

And we thought, we’d walk you through the similar features of all the printer models before you get to know more about ij start Canon and the installation steps associated with it:

  • The print resolution of all the models is great.
  • All of them have both Black and Color ink cartridges.
  • Mono Print Speed and Color Print Speed are nothing you’ve ever seen.
  • Based on its type, borderless prints may see a difference in Photo Print Speed.
  • All results are set to default with borderless print results
  • These printers also offer two-sided printing for more efficiency
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What are the market segments Canon competes in?

Since we’ll be taking you through the process for http://ij.start.canon/ we thought it is important for you to know about the major market segments that Canon functions in. Thus, given below is a list for the same:

  • Business-to-Business Market
  • Commercial Markets
  • Consumer Markets
  • Government
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Learn the required system compatibility for Canon printers

You all know that there are always some minimum requirements to get a digital device or service to work. For instance, operating systems and applications you want to use needs to have high compatibility. So, here’s what Canon Printers require to get going and improve your print experience with print drivers from ij start Canon:

Learn the steps involved in setting up printer drivers

install-printer-driverThere are two very important things to keep in mind before you go on to the official website and download the required drivers:

  • This process can only be carried on if you have a wireless printer.
  • The network connection the printer is on must be strong and within the range.

Now, let’s focus on the star of this part of the read- downloading and setting up the software for driver installation:

  1. Choose your favorite web browser and get inside the website named “canon.com/ijsetup” or just type “ij start Canon” in the address bar. This step refers to you initiating the procedure by visiting the official site online that will guide you to downloading the Canon Print Drivers.
  2. Now, we would direct you to get into the option that reads “Setup” followed by the box for “Product Name”. You are expected to be precise about the Model Number for your Printer so, type it on carefully and tap on “Go”.
  3. You have to be sure of the compatibility before you go on to download the required print drivers with the in-use device’s operating system, which is why you need to choose from the available on-screen options. Then go on to “Download” at the center of the screen.
  4. Here, the download speed depends on the speed of your network connectivity and then the chosen print drivers will get downloaded. Wait for the download procedure to complete by trying to keep up with the instruction of not switching the computer screen as it can be a major cause for problems and errors during the process.

Now that the download is successfully done, you’ll have to go on to the next part of enhancing your print experience via ij.start.canon 2022.

Steps involved in a complete installation of print drivers

canon printer setup

After downloading the required print drivers, it is time for you to focus on installing the drivers via ij start canon TS3122 to move on and enhance your print experience with one of the best printer brands ever:

  1. Initiate the installation by getting into the “Downloads” folder on your computer to run the driver files (that is if you did not set another location for the drivers while downloading). Double click on the files and tap “Run” for getting the extraction started.
  2. When you see the Canon Driver Setup screen, you have to go on and verify the language you want to function for further steps in the software that will then command your Printer. Post-selection, go ahead with the process.
  3. Now, it is time to create a link between your Canon Printer (wireless) and your computer- select between a USB connector or other wireless connection method to link the two devices together. Move on to choosing the model number and get the drivers and software list, displayed on-screen.
  4. Enable the required checkboxes after confirming that there is enough space on your computer for the printer drivers. Place your hit on “Next” and navigate yourself to ij.start canon to further the setup.
  5. Thoroughly read the License Agreement window to avoid future errors. Once you agree to them, you’ll witness an automatic installation on http://ij.start.canon/.
  6. Once the installation is complete, go on to run a test print process and a positive print output would mean the successful installation of Printer Drivers


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted with significant information on Canon, the market segments it caters to, and Canon Printers as they are the most loved product by the brand. But majorly the read focuses on the steps to download the required printer drivers and install them at ij.start.cannon (type “ij start Canon” on the address bar for an easy route) along with so many other specific details to improve your printing experience.

Well, it’s a new year and in the year of 2022, the brand has been rumored to evolve and be introduced with high-resolution services that would be set to improve your tech and print experience in our digitally dominated world. We are sure that, once you choose this exclusive recommendation, you will indeed, be a part of history in the making.